Apprentice Commitments

The expectations of an apprentice

We have certain levels of personal commitment and behaviour we ask all apprentices to commit to whilst undertaking an apprenticeship with Locomotivation.

Sticking to these principles will give you the most benefit from your training programme and give you the best chance to complete and achieve your apprenticeship.

By commencing an apprenticeship with Locomotivation you are agreeing to:

  • Give Locomotivation relevant information to assist in apprentice or programme eligibility checks.
  • Take appropriate responsibility for your own learning, development, and progression, including participating in all required training sessions.
  • Diligently undertake the on and off-the-job training required to achieve the objectives set out in your Learning Plan.
  • Maintain an off-the-job training log on a monthly basis to evidence at least an average of 6 hours per week off-the-job training.
  • Ensure appointments are maintained with your Training Specialist and Functional Skills Tutors.
  • Prepare for, participate in, and contribute to reviews of your progress and achievement.
  • Work collaboratively with your employer and Locomotivation to enable your own learning, development, and progression, including the submission of coursework for formative assessment where required.
  • Promptly inform your employer and/or Locomotivation, via your Training Specialist, if any matters or issues arise or could arise that will or may affect your learning, development, and progression.
  • At all times behave in a safe and responsible manner and in accordance with the requirements of Health and Safety legislation relating to your responsibilities.
  • Report any incidents of harassment, bullying, violence, or suspected extremism or radicalisation to your employer and/or Locomotivation.
  • Comply with the policies and procedures of your employer.
  • Comply with the policies of Locomotivation as set out in the Apprentice Handbook.

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