Exercise & Fitness Courses

three people facing the camera doing press ups with kettle bells

Exercise & Fitness - Overview

Welcome to our suite of qualifications that we deliver within the Exercise & Fitness sector.

These qualifications are delivered outside of an Apprenticeship programme.

As a sector, Exercise & Fitness is one of our most popular. The sector is a growing and exciting one. There are career and development opportunities for all.

Our courses are REPs recognised which is a nationally recognised register of exercise professionals.

Undertaking one of these qualifications is subject to payment but are delivered without the rules and requirements of the Apprenticeship programmes.

Benefits of our Professional Courses

  • Industry recognised certification
  • Shorter duration than an Apprenticeship
  • No eligibility rules
  • No Off-the-Job training requirement

Taking this option would mean that your qualification is not funded or delivered as part of an Apprenticeship.

Exercise & Fitness Qualifications

Level 2 - Intermediate Level

Level 3 - Advanced Level