Hospitality Apprenticeships

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Welcome to our list of Apprenticeships available within the Hospitality Industry.

Motivate your staff and improve customer satisfaction through a Hospitality Apprenticeship.

We offer the new Hospitality specific Apprenticeship Standards at level 2 and 3 that can be tailored to meet both individual and business requirements.

Individuals may also wish to progress to the higher and more generic Level 5 Operations or Departmental Manager Apprenticeship.


Apprenticeships are funded through the Apprenticeship Levy and/or co-funded by an employer and the Education & Skills Funding Agency (ESFA).

See our Apprenticeship Funding page for more details.

There may be other options available to fund your training requirements through our Skills Support for the Workforce programme.

Hospitality Apprenticeships

Level 2 - Intermediate Level

Level 3 - Advanced Level