Management Courses

a manager with his team around a table

Management - Overview

Management skills are a major requirement for all businesses to develop, perform and remain competitive across all sectors of the economy.

It is essential that the existing workforce is adequately skilled and new talent is attracted into these positions to develop the creativeness, vision and inspiration typically possessed by these leaders.

Developing your staff through our Management Diplomas, Locomotivation will ensure they are equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge to perform their responsibilities as managers and leaders within your business.

The Management Diplomas will provide your organisation with a competent management workforce utilising and developing skills, knowledge and experience from our diverse population embarking on their management career.


These qualifications are delivered outside of one of our Apprenticeship programmes.

Undertaking one of these qualifications is subject to payment but are delivered without the rules and requirements of the Apprenticeship programmes.

Benefits of our Professional Courses

  • Industry recognised certification
  • Shorter duration than an Apprenticeship
  • No eligibility rules
  • No Off-the-Job training requirement

Taking this option would mean that your qualification is not funded or delivered as part of an Apprenticeship.

Management Apprenticeships

Level 2 - Intermediate Level

Level 3 - Advanced Level