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Overview of Role
Managing the day to day operation of a leisure facility.
Months ( months Practical Period of Training + months for End Point Assessment)
Gyms, Leisure Centres, Sports Centres, Health & Fitness Clubs, Sports Stadiums, Swimming Pools, Creche, Childrens Soft Play etc.
End Point Assessment (Awarding Organisation)
Start Date
Flexible around the needs of the business
Completion of this apprenticeship will enable progression in the leisure industry to a more senior management role such as Centre Manager.
Maximum Price


Prices are negotiable depending on the nature of the delivery model agreed.

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Leisure Facility Management
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How to open, prepare and close a multi-functional leisure facility including specific areas such as reception, swimming pools, fitness suite, sports halls, changing rooms and spectator zones. Lead and be accountable for the safe day to day running of a multi-functional leisure facility.
Delivery and effective management of typical programmed activities such as women only sessions, ethnic minority pool activity, children’s parties and community sport club bookings. Ensure the leisure facility is fully operational and staff and equipment are resourced and ready for customer use performing duties such as managing the setting up and take down of complicated equipment (trampolines and electronic swimming pool hoists) and maintaining the swimming pool (PH and chlorine levels).
Preparation of sports halls, the swimming pool environment and associated equipment such as trampolines and electronic disabled swimming pool hoists. Solve day to day problems to ensure the leisure facilities service standards are met and maintained
How to prepare for ad-hoc bookings throughout the shift such as badminton courts and five a side football games.
How to provide a ‘front line’ shop floor management presence with a high level of interaction with staff, customers, and visitors such as contractors and clients.
Front Line People Management
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How to effectively manage a multi–functional leisure operations team such as lifeguards, sports and fitness coaches, receptionists and cleaners for the smooth day to day running of a leisure facility. Plan, organise and manage the allocation and rotation of staff into specialist roles such as sports coaching, lifeguarding and reception duties to meet the daily programmed activities.
The importance of performance managing staff and wider teams using regular SMART principles to support the personal achievement and development using methods such as one to one chats, appraisals and formal training. Build effective team and individual relationships by supporting, motivating and developing staff.
The importance of effective team working in busy environments (spectator events) or in difficult situations such as emergency lifesaving resuscitation and first aid of minor injuries. Provide staff with open, honest and clear feedback and through decisive leadership during difficult/emergency situations ensure all staff adhere to agreed processes and procedures.
How to undertake staff inductions, training, recruitment and shortlisting processes. Apply and adapt own leadership style to different situations and people to achieve desired outcome.
Customer Service
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How to recognise customer profiles and cater for specific needs such as women only sessions, disabilities and religious beliefs. Be accountable for the customer experience during shifts including the management of complaints and feedback.
The importance of meeting and exceeding the customer expectations in line with service standards and values. Ensure own and teams communications are delivered in a style and manner that is relevant to various customers such as adults, disabled, ethnic and minority groups.
When and how to communicate and share information effectively at all levels, and to a diverse audience in a clear and open manner, on performance measures such as publicity and outreach, membership applications and signage. Manage all customer comments and complaints quickly and effectively, with a clear resolution. Ensuring these are recorded and analysed and put forward suggested recommendations for improvements where necessary to prevent any reoccurrence of problems
The importance of receiving and dealing with customer service queries and feedback to support the improvement of the customer experience.
Legal and Compliance
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How to manage Health and Safety in accordance with legal and employer requirements for the safe running of a leisure facility for all customers and staff such as pool plant operations, chemicals and hazardous substances, risk assessments, equipment manual handling, and first aid. Perform regular audits and evaluations to monitor and review facility compliance with legislation and industry guidance such as fire exit checks, changing room cleanliness and pool water.
The environmental impacts of day to day leisure operations in areas of energy conservation and reduction, minimising waste and recyclable controls. Produce clear, informative reports on any incidents, accidents and occurrences in line with policies and procedures.
Implementing quality assurance systems and procedures to deliver a high quality functioning facility. Ensure resources (materials and equipment) are used efficiently by ensuring correct use in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions.
Business Support
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The business brand and values of the organisation alongside upholding its reputation to support business goals and service targets through its operations, products and services on offer. Lead the team to ensure the promotion of the business brand by effective use of materials and communication.
The importance of being part of the management team and providing support in tasks such as programming of activities, procurement of contractors and suppliers, staff recruitment and induction, business development and marketing of the leisure facility. Produce regular reports for the Leisure Centre/General Manager on measures such as staff issues, customer complaints, events, and incidents and provide suggestions on how to improve the business.
How to use information technology to identify opportunities to enhance operations and improve the customer experience such as the use of digital display screens and innovative marketing promotions (January fitness boom and children’s holiday camps). Manage and support budgets, sales targets and financial key performance indicators in own area of responsibility.
The administration of the central management system and its components such as customer database, sports activity bookings, staff IT rota systems and daily and weekly management reports. Manage internal IT systems to support the effectiveness of the organisation and facility.
Financial Responsibility
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Revenue and protection during shifts including all cash handling procedures such as till reconciliation, vending machines and catering outlets. Analyse and interpret financial reports, determining actions where appropriate.
Management of effective stock control means such as saleable goods, membership vouchers, cleaning and pool chemicals and event tickets. Monitor and audit stock control systems.
How to raise purchase orders, set targets, budgets and monitor expenditure. Produce financial reports in area of responsibility and identify ways to reduce losses and turn around into a profit.


A dynamic individual with a ‘can do’ attitude, results driven approach and attitude that demonstrates trust, openness and respect when dealing with people from all backgrounds and at various levels in the organisation with a flexible approach to duties, tasks and workload.

Behaviour Competence
Curious Displays an eagerness to learn and understand why / how things work and might be improved.
Decisive Thinker Not afraid to make decisions, explaining them and standing by them when needed.
Skilled Influencer Able to positively influence and convince customers and colleagues in positive ways.
Driven to Deliver To achieving agreed standards every day
Collaborative Shows willingness to work with and co-operate with a diverse workforce, customer base and assist the team.
Personally Credible Truthful with customers and colleagues and treats others fairly and equally.
Role Model Leads & Inspires through great communication and being a team player – always projects a positive happy, inspiring role model.

Transferable Skills

Employers who recruit candidates without English and Maths GCSE at Grade C or above (or approved equivalent) must ensure the individual achieves this standard prior to the completion of the apprenticeship.

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